Nice going there, Mr. Bundy..

You’ve just alienated most of the people that were supporting you.

Rand Paul and other Republican leaders back away from Bundy – Washington Post

“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” Cliven Bundy told supporters last week, according to a New York Times story that published on Wednesday night.

The Nevada rancher was previously best known for refusing to pay two decades-worth of fines for grazing his cattle on federal land and fighting off the Bureau of Land Management for the nth time, this time with the help of armed militia — or for being the patron saint of state’s rights, pick your poison. But since those controversial comments were published, he has seen most of his friends in high places vanish overnight. Republican politicians who saw the Bundy stand-off as an opportunity to connect with the far right are now trying to figure out which adverb will put the most distance between themselves and the rancher.

The tyrants in the White House (and their masters) must be laughing their asses off.  A man who days ago represented the fight against an out of control, tyrannical Federal Government turns out to be a senile old racist fool.

The saddest thing is that everything important about the events at the Bundy Ranch in the past two weeks will now be lost in the shuffle of guffaws over this imbecile’s prattling about slavery.  Such a shame and such a damn fool.