Connecting the dots.

The unrest in Ukraine is a single frame in a devious film that’s being played out.  What it really comes down to is economic politics.  The violence is the window dressing that the media is content/allowed to report.  The real game is not reported by either fiat or bribery.

Since the Soviet Union fell, they’ve turned off the gas to the Ukraine over 40 times.  Last year, the now former Ukraine President Uanukovych approved a ten billion dollar petroleum exploration agreement with U.S. based Chevron.  Three months later he is run out of office.

This all comes back to the energy play that the Saudis are funding for this country.  The United States has the reachable energy resources to become the largest energy producer on the planet.  Every single job that was lost since 2008 could be replaced with a $100k job if these resources were developed.  This is not hyperbole.

The Saudis, who already have enormous sway over the direction of this country, her politicians and her President, Barack Obama, have invested billions to ensure the United States never becomes an energy producing super-power.

Have you noticed that the coverage of the chaos in the Ukraine has ended on precisely the same day as the media and our Leftist politicians have made a renewed call to “combat global climate change”?  These events are not unrelated.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster from years back is yet another frame from this film.

As I said before, this is economic politics or perhaps put more accurately, it is economic terrorism being waged against America’s lower and middle class.  Sadly, most of those being targeted have no idea they are in a war and even less recognize that their own President is one of the other side’s Generals.