DHS Contracted To Purchase 704 Million Rounds of Ammo Over Next 4 Years: 2,500 Rounds Per Officer – CNS News

 — The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is  contracted to purchase 704,390,250 rounds of ammunition over the next  four years, which is equal to a total of about 2,500 rounds per DHS  agent, according to a January 2014 Government Accountability Office  (GAO) report entitled Ammunition Purchases Have Declined Since 2009. “If DHS were to purchase all 704 million rounds over the next four  years, and if they were used by 70,000 DHS agents and officers, it would  be roughly 2,500 rounds per agent per year,” David Maurer, author of  the GAO report, told CNSNews.com. “That would be higher than what we  saw in past years at DHS and higher than the average annual number of  rounds per agent or officer at the Department of Justice (DOJ),” he said.

6-7 shots at everyone in the country that still believes in the Constitution.