Sen. Thune: Obama Gives Unions Obamacare Exemption – Breitbart

On page 70 of regulations the administration published on Monday, Thune’s office noted that a rule would exempt Taft-Hartley union healthcare plans from from the Obamacare reinsurance tax. Thune’s office noted in the release, provided to Breitbart News, that the exemption would most likely end up forcing others who still need to pay the tax to pay more. That includes companies, charities, and faith-based organizations.

“By publishing this proposed rule, the Obama administration moves closer to ensuring that its political allies will receive special treatment under the law,” Thune said upon the discovery. “Despite endorsing ObamaCare and working fervently to get it passed, unions are now experiencing the ugly reality of this law, and they want out. This exemption is crony capitalism at its worst. I will continue to push for passage of my Union Tax Fairness Act, which would ensure that unions are not treated as if they are above the law.”

Another example of the Rule of Law being dead in this country.  If you’re in a Union and take advantage of this, you ought to be fucking ashamed of yourself.

I’ll go back to my rant from a few weeks back.  If you take advantage of this, you’re nothing more than a thief.  Voting for someone who will steal from people like me and the readers here (that actually work a real 40 hour week.. or more) and give it to you.