Claim: Holder ‘Beginning to Feel a Creeping Sense of Personal Remorse’ – Weekly Standard

Since this was posted on the Weekly Standard, Holder has been preparing an apology tour to the press.


However, I can give you some information that most likely won’t be reported on.

Earlier in the week, Senate majority and minority leaders met with the White House.  The White House presented a negotiation plan for Holder to stay and it was quickly dismissed by both parties. 

This does not necessarily mean Holder will be gone.  Last year, Democratic leadership reached this same point with Holder but Valerie Jarrett overruled the leadership.

While there’s no doubt that VJ is still feared by Dems and Republicans alike, Obama is entering lame duck stage and she does not have the power she once had.

I can add that members of the Republican leadership are not working terribly hard to get rid of Holder, in contrast with their public statements.

Getting rid of Holder only matters if the Republicans are willing to make hay during the transition period between Holder leaving and his replacement being installed.  They’ll have the opportunity to uncover numerous scandals if they are aggressive.  Don’t hold your breath.