Black leaders discuss how the NRA was created to protect free slaves – CSPAN

I would recommend to all of you who are in favor of more gun control to watch/listen to this video in full.

I look at a city like Chicago where blacks are incredibly vulnerable to crime and they have little to no options to defend their families and the father in me feels sick.  It feels so good and so satisfying to passionately speak out against gun violence because it’s easy.  Especially when you’re white and violent crime is an alien concept.  It’s also incredibly selfish, ignorant and genuinely racist.

The most vulnerable and weak members of society get hurt the worst when gun control laws get implemented because they only apply to law-abiding people.  They’re never observed by criminals.  There are 300,000 black, single mothers in Chicago.  Many of them are in crime-ridden areas of the inner city.  They have no ability to defend themselves and their family from violent criminals.  Give her a gun and training and she’s the equal of ten men.

Chicago has the tightest gun control laws in the country (Next to New York with their recent legislation) and the city is a bloodbath.  Stop listening to politicians and start using your own head.