Some inside info..

Taking a break from the sun to put this up as it is not a link but rather some D.C. inside info from a friend related to the impending sequester.


A few days ago a group of Senate Democrats put together a package as a compromise with Republicans.  This was a good compromise package in terms of neither party being terribly happy with it but Republican leadership was ready to agree to 

Unfortunately, the White House caught wind of the compromise.  It was immediately squashed.

Apparently Obama still feels that his histrionics on this issue are working.  He very well may be right considering that low information voters comprise the majority.

My vacation is happening at a rather inconvenient time because the sequestration issue is one that deserves a lot of ink on this blog.  I don’t know how to put this any other way:  The President has repeatedly lied to the American people on this issue.  That’s nothing new of course but the ease and frequency of which he does so is alarming to put it mildly.

Telling people that they’re going to lose fireman, teachers and policeman due to the sequester is an utter lie.  Those jobs are paid for (90-95%) with local taxes.  But the big lie is pretending that these cuts are even a tiny dent in federal spending.  The federal government’s spending is now at 4 TRILLION dollars.  The sequestration cuts are 120 billion a year and only 22 Billion for this year.  All we’re doing is returning to budget levels from a couple of years ago.  Cut away I say.  If it were up to me, it would be 5% across the board for the next five years.

As usual, history is our best guide.  When we had large defense cuts in the early 90’s, unemployment spiked to 7% (not bad compared to today’s 15%) but then after the economy settled, unemployment dropped to 4% within 2 years and the GDP exploded to 10 trillion dollars.   Less money in the government means more money in the private sector where people can actually use that money for something productive.

This isn’t rocket science.  It’s just history.  We know what works but we have half the people in this country worshiping government as their new god and the Republican party consists of people who are either clueless or bought and paid for.

Cut away, I say.  No matter how cynical I’ve sounded about the people of this country, I still have tremendous faith in them.  If the people have the money, they’ll do great things.  But if the government continues to grow, the people will never get a chance.