Who do we blame for mass murder?

My gut feeling is that it’s probably the homicidal lunatic’s fault.

I also know that people who immediately call for gun control after incidents like the one in Connecticut contribute absolutely nothing to the solution.

Look, I understand why citizens post that sort of thing after a tragedy like this.  We need someone to blame, we know nothing of the individual but we do know that guns are scary things.  So we need to get rid of them.  It takes the boogeyman out of the story and creates the impression that there’s a solution for dealing with psychopaths that inflict horrific violence upon their community.

Let’s take a moment to look at the facts of the case as they’re now known.  The killer attempted to purchase a gun from Dick’s Sporting Goods and was denied by the staff.  Instead, he obtained them from his mother.  This was a psychologically unwell individual.  He had a mother who was a gun enthusiast that had the incredibly bad judgement to not only teach her son how use firearms, but to encourage him to be an enthusiast as well.  Teaching a child (once they’re old enough) to safely use a firearm is a rewarding and responsibility-building experience.  Sport shooting and hunting (if you’re into that) is one of the rare activities that you can share with a child that they will both enjoy and experience personal growth.  The exception to this is that of course, firearms don’t belong in the hands of the mentally ill regardless of their age.

The mental health profession discourages language that tends to stigmatize psychiatric patients.  But it may be worth asking whether damage to the self-esteem of kooks is worth turning lose a fucking nutbag on a community full of children.  I’d be willing to bet everything I own that at more than one point, this kid exhibited behavior in front of a medical professional that led said professional to believe that this kid could be dangerous and yet I’m equally positive that these medical professionals did not take steps such as advising the mother that he should not have access to firearms or heaven forbid, call the local police department and advise them that their patient has access to firearms when he shouldn’t.  To do so may infringe on the right of a murderous lunatic.  To quote Dirty Harry, “Well, I’m all broken up over that man’s rights.”

The politicians of the Left wasted no time after this massacre.  The bodies weren’t even cold (and none of the facts were known) and they were using this to further their political agenda:

Dem. lawmaker: To get gun control, Obama must ‘exploit’ shooting


I could post twenty other links here.

A more rational approach to this problem is to work to make it more difficult for the non-adjudicated mentally ill to come into possession of a weapon.  This will be difficult;  It will require the cooperation of the medical community (doctors, therapists, school counselors) and law enforcement.  But it can be done if there’s pragmatism and cool heads.

The saddest thing is that none of the teachers had a gun.  These sorts of horrific events tend to be stopped very early when just one of the good guys is armed.

What bothers me the most about this event, aside from the obvious, is that 43 people have been murdered in Chicago since the 1st of November.  The murder capital of the country is a city where guns are banned.  Not a weekend goes buy without a few people getting killed and always by guns, many of them children.  Why is that story not every bit as meaningful as the event in Connecticut?

The bottom line here is that no laws were broken.  Nobody sold this kid a firearm when they shouldn’t have.  The kid was crazy and he had a BAD parent raising him.

Resist the urge when a politician asks you to give up your rights in the name of fear.  We’ve had twelve years of that now and it hasn’t been working out well for us.