There’s very little analysis to be performed..

This post is for everyone, but I especially want the people who voted for Obama to pay attention.

Take off your partisan glasses.   I want you to genuinely attempt to pretend that you’re completely apolitical, if just for a moment.

Four years ago, Obama ran the campaign of a lifetime.  Conversely, John McCain ran an exceptionally bad campaign.  Many, many Libertarians and Republicans voted Democrat for the first time.  In the end, John McCain received 58,343,671 votes.

Yesterday, despite running an extremely competent campaign with a fairly centrist message, the extreme disappointment with Obama’s policies on the Right and most importantly the Middle, Romney was still only able to garner 56,959,312.

I don’t know if people that voted for Romney are going to notice this in a few days, or a month or a few months.  But when they do, something very ugly could catch fire.

Keep your heads up.

For those of you that will want to hear what happened, I’m going to try to arrange a face to face with a source.  The beginning of the end was Philly.  The internals for both candidates had Romney far ahead and as soon as that state went blue, I knew the firewall that had been put in place was burnt down.

There’s no sense in pretending there are positives here.  The result is deeply disturbing on a number of levels that I can’t elaborate on at this point in time.

This is the first election in my lifetime that I truly cared about.  But there are some positives that I’ll write about tomorrow.

Keep your heads up, stay strong and stay civil even in the face of incivility.

No matter who wins..

and no matter how much the Democrats cry racism, we must have election reform soon.

The Kremlin released a report this week on today’s Presidential election:

Some lowlights:

-The U.S. presidential election will be neither free nor fair, and President Barack Obama will win a second term in office thanks to an election campaign marred by violations.

-The current U.S. vote, it concludes, falls dramatically short of international election principles. “Apart from the periodicity of elections, not a single of these principles is being fully observed in the United States during these presidential elections,” says Aleksandr Ignatov, the executive director of the Russian Public Institute of Electoral Law, one of the groups behind the report.

If anyone knows election fraud, it’s the current leadership in Russia.

The U.N. is racist.

“Foreign election officials amazed by trust-based U.S. voting system.”


At current count, I’ve found 15 separate instances today of obvious voter fraud on the part of Democrats,  1 for Republican voter fraud and even that was a case of a machine registering a Romney vote instead of an Obama vote twice.  But hey, we all know that voter I.D. is racist and certainly not something that’s just simple common-sense considering that you need an I.D. to do anything meaningful when it comes to government interaction.

No matter what happens..

It aint over.

This country and the genuine Americans in it have survived going against the most powerful military in the world (The British), a civil war, The Nazis, Communism and the one two punch of Terrorism and an opportunistic Government/Presidents that took away many of our rights in the name of fighting said terrorism.

Some narcissistic thug from Chicago won’t beat us either.

That being said, I still believe Romney will win and that for reasons I hope I can tell someday, the powers that support Obama will not be able to commit large-scale voter fraud this time around.

Just get out and vote.

An emailer asked how I plan dealing with friends and acquaintances who vote for Obama today.

It’s relatively easy to forgive someone who voted for Obama back in 2008.  Even a cursory inspection of the man would have revealed a lot of red flags but we were a country stuck in a malaise not unlike the one that we were stuck in at the end of Eisenhower’s final term.  People were tired of partisanship and Obama campaigned as a centrist, someone who would unite us all.  He never, ever governed that way previously but people desperately wanted to take him at his word.

This time around, there’s very little excuse to make that mistake again.  You’re either a fan of Mao or you’ve allowed yourself to become so politically prejudiced that you can’t think critically any longer.  The list of arguments for his re-election is a short one and I have yet to hear any that can’t  defeat quickly.  Perhaps more succinctly, if you vote for Romney, you’re choosing to continue the American experiment.  If you vote for Obama, you’ve chosen the European route which brings nothing but long term unemployment, limited civil rights and a malaise that never ends.   I have a son and I desperately want him to have the same opportunities I did when he becomes an adult.  Consequently, I deeply resent the action (not the person) not choosing to continue this unique experiment.

Regardless, I love my friends.  As I’ve said before, politics makes smart people act stupid.  I understand that.  My friends are smart and I won’t love them any less no matter who they voted for.




I’m sorry, Howard, but our Country’s intelligence agencies say otherwise.

And while I’ve tried to keep this blog as civil as possible, Fuck Off.

To those of us few who know what you pulled four years ago, you’ve got a lot of fucking nerve, asshole.  This is the kind of shit that will convince low-information Obama voters that they really need to riot and he knows it.

It’s always sunny in Philly

So far 15 GOP election inspectors have been physically removed from 15 wards and replaced by Black Panthers.  Those of you who have seen this story, don’t panic too much.  Philly has been a bastion of Democrat corruption for decades and it was a foregone conclusion that Philly would go to Obama.  The suburbs and rural areas of Pennsylvania lean strongly towards Romney and if there isn’t TOO much voter fraud on the part of the Democrats, Pennsylvania will go to Romney.  He’s been up there internally for four months now.


To those of you who sent the angry emails about how the “GOP steals votes too!”:

Yes, they do.  There’s two problems though:

-For every one instance of GOP voter fraud, there’s ten instances of fraud on the part of the Democrat party.

-The GOP has never committed large scale Scytl fraud where millions of votes were peeled off from the opposing candidate.


It’s not an indictment of Democratic values.  It’s just a fact of life and a serious issue within the party.  This is a party that can’t play by the rules going back to JFK’s victory over Nixon.