A trickle..


You’re going to see a steady stream of articles like this in the independent news.  Incredibly high, unexpected turnout in large, highly Democratic counties in swing states.

A spoke with a local gentlemen who ran for office a couple of years ago today.  He does not know about my blog nor does he know about my contacts.  “This whole thing is just so odd.  The numbers just don’t make sense based on exit polling, voter enthusiasm polls and the internals of the Romney campaign.  I just don’t get it.”

I had half a dozen conversations today with friends and family members whose intuition tells them something is not right.  They’re not angry or devastated..  They’re confused.

I didn’t tell them what I know and I don’t know if I will.  What I will do is provide some public information to corroborate my earlier statements.  As one of the commenters stated “I don’t think low voter turn out is proof”.  No, it’s not proof nor was it meant to be.  But it’s the most obvious indicator that appeals to the common sense of people reading this blog.  Does your common sense tell you that Romney getting fewer votes than McCain seem plausible?  Does it seem plausible that Obama somehow took every single important swing state?  Every single one.

As I said previously, we will see a steady trickle of articles in the independent media showing large scale voter irregularities in swing states.


Tomorrow, I’ll keep my lunch appointment, then I’ll tell you what I know.  I apologize in advance for tomorrow’s post.




One thought on “A trickle..

  1. Fewer votes, yes. Just as my common sense tells me that it’s plausible that Obama got fewer votes this time around. Just as it seemed to me like you were offering it up as proof.

    It’s hard to tell since I wasn’t in the states for this election, but among undecided voters, I could see there being election burnout in large numbers. Personally, I found neither candidate desirable for different reasons. It’s plausible in my mind that large numbers of people who didn’t feel represented in the two choices presented to them neglected to vote.

    Obama taking all the key swing states, no, not plausible. Not in as close an election as this one was.

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