A Challenge and a Question

A friend sent me an email last night challenging me on my assertion that Presidents are selected, not elected.

I was always taught that it’s rude to respond to a question with a question… But I’m a rude boy.  

Go back to the primaries.  Think of the Republicans and Independents that you might have chatted with.  Do you know anyone… anyone at all who said anything along the lines of “Mitt Romney is my man.” ?

I’ll go a step further.  I visit in excess of 30 news sites/blogs a day with about a 50/50 split between conservative/commu-…Liberal.  Anyhoo, I never once saw a conservative or Libertarian commentator say that Romney was her/his choice for the nomination.  At three different points, I went searching for a conservative blog somewhere who endorsed Romney as their choice for the nomination.  Couldn’t find a one.

Now, I can’t post many of the things I’ve seen and been told.  And yes, I recognize that my above example is an imperfect one, but at the very least I hope I’ve planted some kind of seed among the more conservative readers here.

You should be very nervous about President Romney.

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