All the noise noise noise noise noise.

At last count, I’ve trashed 7 posts that were written for this blog due to conflicting information.  As I believe I’ve mentioned before, I have two high level sources that have kept me informed on all matters POTUS the past couple of years and rare has been the day where the information wasn’t corroborative.

That has suddenly changed and it’s scary considering how enormously high the stakes are for us.

So, on to it I guess.  I’m hearing that the Obama administration has conceded the upcoming election.  This makes lots of sense in some ways and zero sense in others.

Why it makes sense:

1. The current public polling is a sham.  The most accurate poll (Rassmussen) shows Romney currently leading by +4 points after a post convention bounce.  The real, internal polling that both camps have access to shows Romney up nationally 12-14 points.  This is an insurmountable lead that even the large scale voting fraud that is planned cannot negate.

2. Obama despises his job.  I have to remind you that any conjecture on this blog is always labeled as such.  This is not conjecture.  He despises Washington and how Washington works.  He believes that his ideas are obviously correct and he should not have to engage in the usual pressing of the flesh with both parties that’s been de rigueur for presidents in the past.  The President’s schedule is posted each day on the White House website.  Have a look at the archives.  This is a man who spends most of the day sequestered in his upper floor office, watching ESPN.  And no, that’s not conjecture.

3.  With the exception of Executive orders, Obama would be largely impotent in his second term.  Anyone who has spent time researching geopolitics and history knows that for quite some time, Presidents have been selected, not elected by a small group of very powerful people.  While it may comfort you to dismiss this as “tinfoil hat” talk, it’s true nonetheless.  Given the current climate of polarization and given the kind of campaign the Obama team is running, a victory in November would leave him unable to govern.  Democrats have sadly turned a blind eye to the actions of this man but Conservatives, Libertarians and Independents have not.  Add a very likely Republican controlled Senate and much of his power will be neutralized.

4.  Speculative: Obama has already done much of what he was sent to do.  Civil liberties, already severely weakened by 8 years of George Bush have been demolished under less than four years of Obama.  Perhaps “they” are satisfied with the progress that’s been made.

5.  The Globalists have abandoned him.  He is considered damaged goods.  While I’ve seen detailed evidence of this, there’s plenty of it in the public domain.  George Soros donated tens of millions of dollars both above and below the table in 2008.  He is a man committed to reducing America to just another country at the table of nations.  Yet, he’s silent.  No interviews, no money donated either legally or illegally.  However, I do not know how this was arrived at.  Do the globalists consider him to be ineffective now because Obama has tipped his hand so obviously to his Marxist ethos?  Did they want him to move even faster?  Are they convinced that the numerous and enormous scandals that Holder has been able to hold at bay will finally become uncaged in a 2nd term?  Once again, the abandonment is not speculation.  The reasons for it are.

6. He is being blackmailed with a recording that illustrates a close relationship with an extremely controversial figure. I will not elaborate on this now or in the future.

7.  A personal friend of the Obama’s is soliciting donations from powerful Chicagoans to purchase a 35 million dollar piece of property in Hawaii to use as their new home in January.  This did not originally come from one of my sources and when asked to verify, they could neither confirm nor deny.  This information does come from a Chicago native with an excellent track record of previous insider knowledge.  Needless to say, I must re-emphasize, this does not come from my sources, nor has it been confirmed by them.

Why it doesn’t make sense:

1.  There is an  enormous investment in Obama by both Globalists and Chicago Polit-thugs.  It’s almost impossible for me to wrap my head around the idea that they would give up against a rather weak Republican candidate.  Over twenty years have been spent grooming this man and his agenda to become POTUS.  The power of the Executive branch has grown enormously during his term and even with a hostile Republican congress, Obama could still continue to implement his Masters’ agenda.

2.  It’s simply not in his nature.  If you have spent any amount of time researching this man’s life, you know that this man truly believes that it is his divine right to wield the power of the Presidency.  Every step of his political career has been taken with his ascension to the Presidency in mind.   This man cannot lose because he is everyone’s Better.

3. Valerie Jarrett.  See item #2.

4.  A mechanism allowing an enormous degree of voter fraud is still in tact and moving forward.

5.  Head of the Fed, Ben Bernanke initiated Quantitative Easing #3 today.  Ben is ALL IN for Barry.  You literally got poorer today so that the economy can avoid its inevitable crash for another six months (if that) instead of in two months.  Not all the globalists have given up, clearly.




The other possibility is that Romney has promised to continue the Globalists’ agenda in a more subtle fashion.  Those of you who can’t wait to vote for him should ask themselves a question:  Have you ever heard either Romney or Ryan utter a single word of concern over our rapidly disappearing civil liberties?  No?  You haven’t heard those words because they haven’t been said.

Republicans, you’ve done a far better job than the Democrats at holding your officials accountable.  The Tea Party has removed many a Republican who has lied about being fiscally responsible.  But what about turning a blind eye to Bush’s spending and assault on our civil rights for 8 years?  Yes, I know.. there was a very vocal faction.  But the bottom line is, it hasn’t been enough and it still isn’t enough.

We all know that if Romney wins, in the span of a single day, things will change for the Liberals and the Media of this country:

-War is no longer cool.

-The plight of the elderly due to savings rates being less than 1% will suddenly become a tragedy.

-Current gas prices are suddenly an enormous burden on the poor and lower class.

-The real unemployment rate will be reported on by the media rather than the faux rate that’s continually bandied about by the media.

-A daily body count of dead American soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and the five other ground engagements that Obama ordered will again become a daily occurrence after disappearing for the past four years.

And so on and so forth.  It will be easy for Republicans and even some independents and Libertarians to simply tune out future misdeeds by Romney due to the nauseating levels of hypocrisy by Liberals.  But you can’t let that happen.  Presidents haven’t been voted in for many, many years.  They are selected and there’s a significant amount of evidence pointing to Romney being selected this November.

He’s not your friend.  He’s not a great president just because the current one is a communist.  He’s your employee and there isn’t a labor union for Presidents of the United States.  So you can and must hold him accountable.


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